Our Story

We’re Arielle & Aviva, sisters and co-founders of ReVased!

Our company launched in our hometown of Baltimore in 2019, but the concept was planted when Aviva got married in September 2017. As the younger sister, some would say that Arielle likes to copy Aviva, getting married a short nine months later. We both had the same experience during our weddings: our beautiful, expensive floral arrangements were tossed out within hours after our celebrations ended.

After doing a little research, we discovered that flowers one of the most expensive event budget items. At weddings, for example, they often account for 10% of the overall cost. Further, despite their average lifespan of 3-14 days, the majority of these arrangements end up like ours: in the trash. We also found that cut flowers have a negative environmental impact, such as water waste and agrochemical pollution, and they are often transported from faraway places such as South America, which leads to the emission of fossil fuels. More positively, flowers can have tremendous positive health and happiness impacts on their recipients. For the elderly, for example, studies have found that flowers can improve memory, decrease depression, and increase sociability.

We were determined to find a way to maximize the lifespan and benefit derived from flowers, while creating a better solution for future brides, event coordinators, and corporate hosts. ReVased was born.

ReVased reduces floral waste through coordinating the donation of flowers from any event to local non-profits, such as nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, and women’s shelters. Not only are you helping the environment by ReVasing, but your flowers can also bring joy to others. As an added bonus, we only work with charities who will provide you with a donation acknowledgement receipt for your generous donation.

We hope to ReVase with you soon!

Arielle & Aviva | Co-Founders

Arielle Vogelstein