How ReVased Works


Four simple steps.

Rates start at $250

ReVased coordinates the donation of your event flowers to local charities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, women’s shelters, and others in need, as a simple reminder that everyone deserves happiness.

When our customers choose to ReVase, they’re choosing to reduce the negative environmental impact in which the cut flower business plays a role. They choose to brighten the lives of others through sharing the gorgeous arrangements that brightened a moment in theirs, as each supports the cycle of celebration and the philosophy of paying it forward in their community.

We take pride in taking steps to provide charitable donation receipts for tax reporting — which may help you recover a significant portion of one of your largest event expenses.

Additionally, we photograph the journey of the donated flowers so our customers can see how their gifts transform the lives of others; of those in need of a smile, surprise, or a reminder they’re not alone.


Step 1: Pick Up

We pick up your flowers at the end of your event. No stress on you — ReVased takes care of everything.


Step 2: ReVase

Our specialists ReVase your flowers into new arrangements. Each bouquet receives the appropriate treatment to prolong the life and beauty of your flowers.


Step 3: Donate

ReVased hand delivers your arrangements to our § 501(c)(3) charitable partners — bringing joy to those at hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, senior centers, and women’s shelters.


Step 4: Deduct

ReVased documents the process and works with each charity to provide our customers with a donation acknowledgement receipt for tax purposes.


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