How ReVased Works

Four simple steps.

ReVased delivers fresh flowers to your home or office.

Our difference? Our prices are super low and for every arrangement you buy, we donate flowers to a local non-profit! We accomplish this through upcycling beautiful flowers that would otherwise be thrown out, and repurposing them into new arrangements for you and the local non-profits.

By ReVasing, you’re reducing the environmental harm in which the cut flower industry plays a role. You’re brightening the lives of others in your community through sharing gorgeous arrangements. And maybe best of all, you’re getting to enjoy beautiful, fresh flowers.

Step 1: Upcycle

To reduce floral waste and the associated environmental harms, ReVased picks up beautiful flowers from events and elsewhere that would otherwise be thrown out.

Step 2: ReVase

ReVased transforms these flowers into stunning new arrangements.

Step 3: Subscribe

ReVased hand delivers your flowers to your home or office — at a lower cost than other online floral services.

Step 4: Donate

For every arrangement purchased, ReVased donates flowers to a local non-profit, bringing joy to recipients at facilities such as nursing homes, senior centers, and women's shelters.

Ready to ReVase? Maybe you have more questions. We’re here to help.

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