Can Flowers Cure Your Winter Blues?

The frigid weather, shorter days, and limited sunlight during the winter months can often take a toll on our mental health. Feeling down during this time of year, often known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), can cause us to withdraw from family and friends and feel unmotivated to accomplish the goals we had once set out at the beginning of the year. 

Research has shown that incorporating flowers and plants into our daily life can have tremendous positive impacts on our physical and mental health. They have a unique ability to bring vibrance to any environment and uplift our spirits. A study from Kansas State University in 2006 found that postoperative surgical patients in hospital rooms with plants experienced less stress, a faster recovery, and more positive mental outlooks compared to patients in rooms without plants. These healing powers can extend beyond hospitals to home and office settings. A Rutgers University study showed a correlation between flowers and long-term happiness and health. A survey from the American Society for Horticultural Science showed that indoor plants in the workplace correlated with healthier and more productive employees. This correlation proved to be even stronger during the winter months. This increase in productivity could be attributed to the plants’ ability to enhance employee creativity and reduce mental fatigue.

Whatever we’re feeling, flowers and plants can uplift our spirits and give us that extra push we so desperately need during these cold months. Additionally, with up to 26% of the population experiencing severe to mild SAD, flowers and plants can provide an easy energy boost to cure those winter blues. 

ReVased, providing low-cost and eco-friendly floral arrangements, serves as the perfect means to use flowers for good. So the next time you are feeling down or know a friend that could use some cheering up, grab some flowers and harness their healing and rejuvenating powers.Your body, spirit, wallet, and the environment will thank you!