Our Story

We’re Arielle & Aviva, sisters and co-founders of ReVased!

Our company launched in 2019, but the concept was planted when Aviva got married in September 2017. As the younger sister, some would say that Arielle likes to copy Aviva, getting married a short nine months later. We had the same experience after our weddings: our beautiful, expensive, and fresh floral arrangements were tossed out within hours after our celebrations ended. We began "upcycling" flowers from events - selling a portion and donating a portion.

When the pandemic began and basically all events were cancelled overnight, we had to re-evaluate our business. We have now found a new way to stick to our mission of sourcing eco-friendly flowers, reducing waste, and giving back to others.

We now work directly with sustainable-minded farms to source our flowers, and ship most of our flowers farm-direct, an eco-friendly shipping method that reduces carbon emissions through bypassing an often long shipping process, reduces the total number of stems being cut, and supports farms! We love bringing you beautiful, eco-friendly flowers while also bringing joy to recipients of ReVased’s floral donations.

We were thrilled to be accepted into two prestigious accelerators, Shift Ventures’ Conscious Venture Labs Fifth Cohort and the Emerging Technology Center’s (ETC) AccelerateBaltimore 2019 Cohort.

Arielle agrees with Aviva (surprise!) that you should try out ReVased. Feel good one stem at a time. We look forward to ReVasing with you!

Arielle & Aviva | Co-Founders