Our Mission

Hi, we’re Arielle and Aviva!

We’re sisters, and we launched ReVased in 2019 with a strong belief in the power of flowers and a mission to reduce floral waste.

ReVased delivers fresh flowers directly to you from sustainable-minded farms, and we also donate flowers to non-profits, to make deserving people happy, too!

In addition to the flowers we donate directly, our ReVased Non-Profit Floral Donation Directory helps event hosts upcycle and donate flowers to non-profits nationwide. Our Directory includes over 100 non-profits in 44 U.S. states!

Research shows that flowers have healing power, and we’ve seen this time and again with our own eyes, in the glowing faces of our recipients.

Flowers are an incredible way to send love.

With ReVased, you can feel good knowing that you’re receiving the highest quality, farm-fresh blooms, and that your purchase makes a difference for others and the planet.

Our amazing customers have helped us grow our mission and spread eco-friendly floral love nationwide. We hope you’ll join our community, too!  

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