Planting Joy with Flowers

Studies have proven the health benefits that flowers can bring, so we’ve taken a fresh approach to paying it forward.

We donate flowers to different non-profits each month, including nursing homes, women’s shelters, cancer support centers, and hospitals. We donate to causes that are near to our hearts, and we love brightening these spaces for both the amazing non-profit workers and the people they serve. It is a crucial part of our mission to give back to the places who do so much for our community.

In addition to the flowers we donate fresh from farms, we also "upcycle" flowers whenever we can, so they don't go to waste!

To grow our upcycling capabilities, we have created the ReVased Non-Profit Floral Donation Directory! This Directory connects wedding and other event hosts across the U.S. who have beautiful flowers to donate following their events, to local non-profits who would love flowers to brighten their spaces and bring smiles to faces! Giving a second life to your event flowers can do so much good. Learn more here!

Senior Services

We love donating flowers to nursing homes, senior centers, and assisted living facilities. A six-month behavioral study by Rutgers University on the health effects of flowers on senior citizens, demonstrates that flowers ease depression, inspire social networking and refresh memory as we age. Even a little exposure to nature or flowers can aid the healing process and renew wellbeing for seniors. We’re so excited to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens through making flowers and nature part of their everyday lives.

Women's Shelters

As a female-founded business, we’re passionate about donating to women’s shelters of all kinds. The non-profits we donate to provide resources for women experiencing homelessness, those who are re-entering society after incarceration, survivors of domestic violence, and more. These non-profits lift women up in their time of need and we are glad to be able to beautify their spaces with fresh flowers.

Cancer Support Centers

We are also proud to donate to Cancer Support Centers. Cancer is a harrowing experience for all those it touches, and Cancer Support Centers help lessen the burden of serious illness by providing social, emotional, and financial support. We are glad to show our gratitude to these amazing support centers by brightening their spaces with blooms.

Check out some of our amazing non-profit partners!