Get To Know Our Non-Profit Partners: St. Mary's Center

St. Mary’s Center is an incredible organization providing support to seniors affected by HIV and AIDS in New York and Harlem. St. Mary’s assists clients with medical and social support for chronic conditions as a result of HIV and AIDs. Treatment and support is approached holistically and with an emphasis on individual preference and comfort. St. Mary’s hopes to reach underserved and vulnerable communities in need of quality primary care services as well. ReVased has loved working with this impactful organization and is looking forward to providing a new home for these repurposed floral arrangements. 

Flowers have such an important and long-lasting effects on one’s well-being and mental health. The power in these repurposed flowers is real! The vibrancy of their colors and their powerful aroma enhances social interactions and reduces overall anxiety. Flowers act as an organic medication producing destressors for all spaces. ReVased’s flowers will enhance communities while preserving our environmental responsibilities in restoring and repurposing healthy and beautiful flowers. Thanks to this special partnership these wonderful arrangements get a second chance at life!