Get To Know Our Non-Profit Partners: Casa Mutua

Casa Mutua provides permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless, mentally ill single adults. Its mission is to help residents gain independence and stability through comprehensive social support programming. We are so excited to ReVase flowers for Casa Mutua’s 54-unit residence in NYC.   As part of its comprehensive treatment program, Casa Mutua offers psychiatric, counseling, and other supportive services. Following much research on the healing power of flowers, we at ReVased anticipate that having flowers throughout the Casa Mutua residence will facilitate psychiatric healing. Some of the psychological benefits of flowers include improving mood, relieving stress and anxiety, prolongs attention span, and boosts self-esteem -- all critical qualities for feeling independent and stable. We expect this partnership between ReVased and Casa Mutua to blossom!  See one of our recent donations to Casa Mutua here!