Get To Know Our Non-Profit Partners: Comprehensive Housing Assistance Inc. (CHAI)

Comprehensive Housing Assistance Inc. (CHAI) is an organization that works to preserve neighborhoods with a Jewish presence in Northwest Baltimore by developing and managing affordable housing. CHAI offers affordable housing for seniors through their Senior Living Communities, which provide low-income seniors with a social and affordable living environment. 

Since 1994, CHAI has developed 1,639 different living units in 16 buildings. We love ReVasing for CHAI’s Senior Living Communities! Seniors tend to experience frequent life changes as they age, and flowers can help seniors cope with these changes. Studies show that seniors who grapple with the challenges of aging benefit from exposure to flowers. Flowers increase seniors’ happiness and promote more positive moods. Additionally, flowers improve seniors’ memories and increase their desire to socialize

ReVased is thrilled to contribute upcycled flowers to an organization like CHAI and support the seniors living in the Senior Living Communities!