Get To Know Our Non-Profit Partners: Goddard Riverside

We love ReVasing for Goddard Riverside, which gives its surrounding neighbors in Manhattan the opportunity to “improve, grow, and thrive for years to come.” The Goddard Riverside Community Center serves over 22,000 community members each year through 27 programs across Manhattan. Their mission is to create a fair and just society where all people have access to creating a better life for themselves and their families. We see ReVased fitting smoothly into this mission, as flower power can improve people’s moods and overall wellbeing. We are proud to deliver to two Goddard Riverside facilities, the Goddard Riverside Senior Center and the Lincoln Square Senior Center.

When life makes it difficult to stop and smell the flowers, we can make ourselves feel better by having a positive mindset, and also by surrounding ourselves with positive people and objects. Flowers and greenery can be fundamental in improving our health, reducing stress, and helping us find peace of mind; flowers can improve our overall life satisfaction

We are so excited to brighten people’s days with flowers, making the beneficiaries even more likely to carry their positive outlooks into other aspects of their lives and into Goddard Riverside programming.

Check out one of our deliveries to Goddard Riverside Senior Center here and one to Lincoln Square Senior Center here.

Picture credit: Leatal Cohen from Pic and Petal.