Get To Know Our Non-Profit Partners: Myerberg Senior Center

The Edward A. Myerberg Senior Center of Baltimore provides a number of important resources for the senior community of northwest Baltimore including art classes, fitness classes, bonding events, and field trips. Myerberg supports members through connecting them with services to improve health and wellbeing as well as palliative care. The Myerberg Center is an inclusive community and nonprofit organization that also commemorates others and celebrates its community members through all their endeavors and achievements. ReVased is excited to continue working with Myerberg and give beautiful arrangements a second chance at life. 

The benefits of flowers towards senior’s health improvement is endless. Nature affects lives in many positive and tangible ways as many studies show that flowers reinvigorate the mind, vastly improving personal memory. Furthermore, flowers reduce depression and encourage social interaction among seniors. We can’t wait to continue planting the seeds for a wonderful partnership with the Myerberg center and ReVased!

Check out one of our recent deliveries to Myerberg here!