Get To Know Our Non-Profit Partners: The Marian House

ReVased is proud to donate flowers to local non-profits such as the Marian House in Baltimore, MD. The Marian house provides a healing community for women and their children who seek housing and support services. The Marian house provides these women and children with a safe, substance free, and caring environment. With the goal of empowering women and enabling them to transition to stable and independent lives, the Marian house acts as a support network, helping women find employment opportunities and teaching them to love and respect themselves. 

As the women at the Marian House acquire the skills to live independently, they can transition from Marian House I to Marian House II. In Marian House I, the residents are provided with meals, personal supplies, rehabilitation counseling, job preparation training, pre-GED and GED education, and financial advising. When an individual is ready to move into a more independent living environment, they can transition to Marian House II. Here, they continue to receive support and be surrounded by like-minded, motivated individuals. After this phase of the program, the women are equipped to transition out of the Marian House network and begin leading healthy and stable independent lives.

ReVased is grateful to share in the mission of empowering and supporting women with the Marian House. We hope that our flowers serve to brighten the Marian House and provide comfort to these inspiring women.