🌻 Important Updates from ReVased 🌻

We have some exciting updates to share, including the introduction of set delivery schedules for your subscriptions!

When our entire supply chain was cut-off in March with widespread event cancellations (upcycling from events was our initial source of floral supply), we had to pause operations and were not sure if/when/how we’d be able to start up again. We thought about our motivation for starting ReVased: to give back to others, reduce waste, and share eco-friendly flowers. We felt determined to stick to our goals, which has led us to build an even more efficient and greater waste-reducing business model!

Please take a few minutes to read more about:
(1) Set delivery schedules;
(2) Farm-direct shipping; and
(3) Giving back!


You’ve asked - and we're delivering (literally)!

We're thrilled to make "set" delivery schedules a reality! Effective October 1, 2020, we're rolling out a new delivery system. Your flowers will arrive on your doorstep 3-10 days after your monthly or bi-weekly renewal date! We’ll email you with a tracking number when your flowers are on the way!

Under our new delivery system, you always may skip or reschedule your order as long as it is before your renewal date, or no later than 24-hours after your renewal charge has gone through.

Hooray for more predictable deliveries!

We're able to offer set delivery schedules due, in large part, to our flower farm partners and our new farm direct shipping methods (more below)!


We care about bringing you eco-friendly flowers that last, and based on feedback we've received, we hear you do, too! We now are largely shipping your flowers farm-direct. This means you get eco-friendly, farm-fresh (some may even be pre-bloom!), gorgeous stems!

You may be wondering, what does this mean and how did you arrive here? When nearly all events were cancelled in March, we reviewed the changing floral landscape and began looking more into the floral supply chain. Initially, we started tackling floral excess from farms, many of which had tons of waste due to coronavirus-related cancellations and closures. Six-months into our new reality, however, farms have adapted, and this oversupply doesn’t exist anymore in large quantities. But what does exist is an often wasteful floral supply chain, where up to 50% of cut stems are discarded before they are even purchased!

So, we’ve made it a top priority to reduce this waste. By shipping from our Rainforest Alliance Certified farm partners directly to you:
  • We’re able to reduce carbon emissions by facilitating fewer steps in the supply chain (we also use “carbon neutral” shipping to offset carbon emissions for all of our shipments).

  • Fewer stems have to be cut in the first place - as the stems cut for your bouquets make it right to you!
  • Your flowers arrive fresher as they have spent less time in transit!

We love that we can send you high-quality, long-lasting flowers, while also reducing carbon emissions and continuing to support farms.

Reducing waste is an important part of who we are and we’re glad that we can now reduce waste in new ways. We do not know what the future will look like in the post-COVID-19 era. But we do know that we will always upcycle event flowers and excess in some capacity, while ensuring that our flowers - upcycled or farm-fresh - are eco-friendly.


Giving back is at our core. We continue to donate flowers to various non-profits each month, including nursing homes, women's shelters, and hospitals. Moving forward, most of these donations also will be shipped farm-direct!

Additionally, for the time being, if we are able to upcycle flowers from any event, we will donate them all (as we have done for several micro-weddings and engagements this summer).

We need your help! As we expand to new cities, we want our non-profit network to grow with us. Please reach out to us at hi@revased.com to nominate non-profits in your areas who would benefit from floral donations!

We also care deeply about building community. Our community is expanding, from our East Coast HQ to farms throughout North and South America. 
We are not only focused on working with farms that share these communal values - including fair compensation and benefits, on-site daycare, free lunch, transportation, and more for their employees - but we are also looking for ways to give back to these communities, as well. Stay tuned for more on this soon!

Have you made it this far down? You’re the best - we know this is long! Thanks for reading and for your ongoing support! We always love hearing from you. Feel free to reach out anytime with questions or suggestions!


Arielle and Aviva
ReVased Co-Founders