UnBoxing My ReVased Flowers

The first step to ReVasing is UnBoxing!

So ... what's in your ReVased flower box?

We recently started shipping directly from farms to you, an eco-friendly shipping method that reduces carbon emissions through bypassing an often long shipping process, reduces the total number of stems being cut, and supports farms!

When shipped farm-direct, we ship the flowers without water. The flowers do not need water while in transit, and in fact, extra moisture in the box can actually cause damage to the flowers. All materials that the flowers are wrapped with are recyclable (and upcyclable!), from the box itself, to the paper/plastic protecting the flower blooms, to the polyethylene protecting the stems that need to be secured during transit.

Once you've unwrapped your flowers, have some fun arranging them! Here are our SIMPLE tips to extend the life of your stems:

    1. Trim those stems! After unboxing, trim each stem. You probably knew that already... but did you know you should trim each stem on an angle? This increases the surface area for the flowers to drink the water.

    2. HYDRATE! When you receive your ReVased flowers, they will have been in transit and they will be thirsty. After trimming your stems, quickly put them into a vase with water. Pro tip: they actually don't need that much water in the vase, just make sure there is enough water to cover all the bottoms of all stems of the flowers (and check daily - see below)!

    3. Use flower food, or a creative at home flower solution! Your flowers will arrive with a packet of flower food - you can add about half upon arrival, and save the rest for later. But in case you run out of flower food: adding soda, vinegar, or even aspirin to your vase can help prolong the life of your flowers.

    4. Change the water frequently. Every day is best. This helps prevent bacteria and ensures your flowers always have enough to drink! Also, trim the stems about every three days, or when the ends are starting to look a little brown or gummy. Always trim on an angle!

    5. Have fun arranging (and re-arranging)! We absolutely love playing around with flowers at ReVased. When we get a bouquet, we might change the design every time we trim our stems, putting our flowers in one large vase or several smaller ones, spreading the joy throughout our homes or offices.

    6. Share the love! We love seeing how you've arranged your blooms! Share a pic with us (hi@revased.com) or tag us on social media @revasedflowers for a chance to be featured :)