Tips for Your Plants!

Hi, we're Arielle & Aviva, sisters and co-founders of ReVased (or should we say, "RePlanted")! After spending many months of this pandemic testing our own green thumbs (not always so green!) with house plants, we're thrilled to have expanded our flower biz into PLANTS! Test your green thumbs with us!

Gorgeous and easy home decor, plants can help boost your mood, strengthen your immune system, improve your air quality, and SO much more! We are currently sourcing beautiful, live plants directly from sustainable-minded greenhouses in the U.S.A. While our plants will rotate seasonally and based on availability, here are care tips for some of our favs!

🌿 The Sweetest RattlesnakeAKA, the Calathea Lancifolia "Rattlesnake," has gorgeous dark green leaves with unique ripples, and a purplish underside! Commonly called the Peacock Plant or Zebra Plant, its leaves adjust as the sun rotates throughout the day (how cool!). How to care for this beauty? The Sweetest Rattlesnake prefers bright, indirect light (no direct sunlight - as it can scorch its beautiful leaves), and warm indoor temperatures over 64°F. We recommend watering about 1x/week, or when the top layer of soil is dry. (Do not overwater.) Your Sweet Rattlesnake will likely need more frequent watering in the summer than in the winter. This plant is able to grow up to about 30 inches tall!

🌴 The Coco, a Parlor Palm, is a gorgeous slow-growing, easy-to-care-for, air purifier. At its mature height, it can reach 3-4 feet! How to care for this beauty? This tropical plant has been cultivated as an indoor plant due to its ability to thrive in low light conditions. Keep in low light (indirect sunlight), and warm indoor temperatures over 64°F. Water approximately every 1-2 weeks, or when the top ~1 inch of soil feels dry.

🌱 The Isabelaa Snake Plant, is a natural air purifier that will make a great addition to your home or office (or home office)! Snake plants have strong, sturdy, sword shaped leaves, which are drought tolerant and retain water (read: don't water too often!). Pro tip: this plant can easily be propagated by leaf cuttings, so you can multiply your family of snake plants! How to care for this beauty? Keep the Desert Beauty in indirect sunlight. Water every 1-2 weeks, or when the soil is completely dry. Do not overwater this beauty.

🪴The Dolores and The Face Planter, both Dracaena Janet Craig Plants, are also known as "Dragon Trees." She makes a great addition to your home or office (or home office!). They prefer ample, filtered light and average room temperatures. We recommend watering when the top half of soil in the pot is dry (approximately every 10-14 days, or less in the winter!). 

🌳 Greenhouse ChoiceIf you select this plant option, you may receive one of the options above or another type of plant altogether! Please feel free to reach out to us for care tips for your new plant! We are always happy to assist at! 

General Rules: while every plant has slightly different recommendations for care, as a general rule, try not to overwater your plant. It's usually better to water your plants in the morning rather than in the evening, so that any extra moisture can evaporate throughout the day when they are exposed to sunlight! You will also likely want to water more in the spring/summer than in the winter, when temperatures are warmer and there is more daily sunlight. Most houseplants are natural air purifiers - how cool is that?!

Please note: certain houseplants can be toxic, so we'd recommend keeping them out of reach of children and pets. If you have any questions about specific care tips for your plant, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at!

You know we're gonna love seeing photos of your plants! Tag us @revasedflowers so we can keep #bloomingtogether!

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