Tulips Care Tips!

It's Spring - and tulips are here! This gorgeous and fascinating flower can actually keep growing taller once they are in a vase, sometimes as much as 6 inches or more. We hope you love your farm-fresh, California tulips, shipped directly to you from one of our Rainforest Alliance Certified farm partners as much as we do. 

Read my Tu-lips: Take these steps to make your tulips thrive!

Upon arrival:

1) Measure tulips to fit your vase of choice! Trim at least 1 inch off end of each stem (more if needed for a shorter vase!). Trim on an angle, which increases the surface area from which your tulips can drink the water!

2) Fill vase ~1/3 full with fresh water + flower food, or a creative at home solution! (If you run out of flower food: adding soda, vinegar, or even aspirin to your vase can help prolong your flowers’ life!)

3) Want perky tulips? If a tulip hydrates in a limp position, it will maintain the limp form. Allow your tulips to hydrate in their packaging for up to 4 hours to strengthen and straighten the stems!

4) Always Be Gentle. Tulips are a delicate flower. Handle your tulips gently to avoid bruising!

After arrival:

1) Change water daily, but only re-cut stems if tulips look dehydrated. Dehydrated tulips appear limp. Stem ends may appear dry and white instead of green and fleshy. Re-cut stems to hydrate!

2) Some like it hot, but tulips like it cool. Your tulips will last longer in a cool room, out of direct sunlight. Try adding ice to the vase to ensure the tulips have a nice cool drink.

3) Enjoy! Tulips make us happy, and we hope they make you happy, too!

Say Cheese! Once you've followed these steps, we're pretty sure you’re a Tulip designer, and the world needs to know! Post a pic of your bouquet on social media and tag us @revasedflowers for a chance to be featured!