We Love our Mamas!

Happy Mother's Day from the ReVased team! This year, we named our Mother's Day Collection bouquets in honor of important mamas in our lives.

The Debbie is for the adventurous mama who truly does it all! She is always there for her kids - whether it's proofreading an essay at 2am, making endless batches of chocolate chip mandel bread, or designing the most creative Halloween costumes. Speaking of creative - she loves DIY activities and pretty flowers, too!

The Barbara is for the creative mama who loves her family, makes sure to keep her kitchen stocked with chocolate chip cookies and mini ice cream sandwiches, and writes incredible songs or poems for every birthday and special occasion. She loves pretty flowers both inside and outside her home!

The Susie is for the fashionable mama who always knows how to perfectly decorate her home, garden, children and grandchildren. She'll do anything for anyone she loves - including waking up at 5am to take care of your crying babies. She knows how to make a gorgeous bouquet of flowers brighten her home in just the right way!

The Hillery is for the caring mama who always wants to know how her children are doing and what they are doing. She's funny, smart, and cooks incredibly delicious healthy food that she loves sharing with extended family. She's the hostest with the mostest - and loves having flowers around to brighten any gathering.

The Shirley is for the giving mama who loves nothing more than being surrounded by family, makes the most incredible meals for every holiday, never forgets a birthday, and always wants everyone to feel included. She loves a gorgeous bouquet to brighten her table - preferably surrounded by family!

The Roz is for the entrepreneurial mama who knows how to work hard and build community. She loves her family above all else and makes mean meatballs. She has a green thumb and takes extraordinary care of her flowers!

Happy Mother's Day!