Care Tips for Your Plants!

Hi, we're Arielle & Aviva, sisters, and co-founders of ReVased (or should we say, "RePlanted")! After spending many months of the pandemic testing our own green thumbs (not always so green!) with house plants, we're thrilled to have expanded our flower biz into PLANTS

Gorgeous and easy home decor, plants can help boost your mood, strengthen your immune system, improve your air quality, and SO much more! We are currently sourcing beautiful, live plants directly from sustainable-minded greenhouses in the U.S.A. Our plants rotate seasonally and based on availability. Click the images below for care tips on some plants you may receive!

 Calathea Lancifolia 'Rattlesnake'    Calathea 'Ornata'    Crassula Jade
 Croton Petra 'Joseph's Coat'    Dracaena Janet Craig    Echeveria 'Cat's Claw' Succulent
 Elephant Bush Succulent    Maranta 'Leuconeura'    Maranta Red Prayer Plant
 Money Tree    Monstera    Parlor Palm
 Peperomia 'Marble'    Peperomia Frost    Peperomia Thailand
Snake Plant    Zebra Succulent