Happy Earth Day! 🌎

Happy Earth Day from Team ReVased! 🌎

At ReVased, we care about our beautiful planet. In celebration of Earth Day, we want to tell you about our sustainability efforts in bringing you beautiful, eco-friendly blooms!

Though the pandemic forced us to change how we operate, we have been fortunate to remain steadfast in our mission: send eco-friendly flowers, reduce waste, and give back to others.

When we first got started, we upcycled flowers from events, giving a “second life” to flowers from weddings and other large events. We would sell a portion of the flowers and donate the rest to non-profits such as nursing homes, women's shelters, and senior centers. When COVID-19 hit, events were basically cancelled overnight. Our entire supply chain was cut-off. We had to pause operations and figure out how/when we could operate again.

We thought about our goals for starting ReVased: we wanted to share eco-friendly flowers, reduce waste, and give back to others. We felt determined to stick to our goals, which has led us to build an even more efficient and greater waste-reducing business model!

We now ship flowers farm-direct. This means you get eco-friendly, farm-fresh (some may even be pre-bloom!), gorgeous stems!


By shipping from our sustainable-minded farm partners directly to you:

  • We reduce carbon emissions by facilitating fewer steps in the supply chain. While traditionally, flowers travel from farm → distributor → wholesaler → retailer → you, we ship “farm direct,” so the flowers make it directly to your door!

  • Fewer stems are cut - as every stem cut for your bouquet arrives directly to you! Traditionally, up to 50% of cut flowers never even make it to their final destination before they are thrown out - either because they are damaged during transit or not sold in time.

  • And your flowers arrive fresher, as they have spent less time in transit!


We’re also proud to source mostly from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The Rainforest Alliance upholds rigorous standards that promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability, by working with farms worldwide to protect forests, promote farmers’ human rights, and help lessen the burden of the climate crisis.

While events remain scarce, we are thrilled to hear from any community members who want to upcycle flowers from the events that are happening. We’re currently donating 100% of flowers that we upcycle! We are also compiling a directory of non-profits that can accept floral donations directly from event hosts - which will help us connect more event hosts to more non-profits to reduce more floral waste, especially in locales where we do not have team members!

Please reach out to us at
hi@revased.com if you have flowers to upcycle or a great non-profit that would love a floral donation!

We've planted strong seeds. Thanks for following along as we grow and evolve! We are so grateful to all of you for supporting us and Planet Earth!