Planting joy with flowers.

Our Give-Back Mission

Flowers make people happy. There's even science behind this! Studies have proven the health benefits that flowers can bring, such as improved memory and decreased depression, so we’ve taken a fresh approach to paying it forward.

We donate flowers to 6-10 non-profits (or more!) every month. Our non-profit partners include facilities such as nursing homes, women’s shelters, cancer support groups, and hospitals. In addition to donating flowers that we source from farms, for the time being, we will donate all flowers that we are able to upcycle from events (as we have done for several micro-weddings and engagements this summer)!

Do you have a non-profit you know and love, that could benefit from floral donations? We'd love to get to know and love it too! Please e-mail us at to submit nominations!

Check out some of the places we've donated: