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Love your stems? Want $10? Help us spread the #FlowersForGood movement!

The Details

Love your stems? Help us spread the #FlowersForGood movement! Share your unique Referral Link with your friends! When a friend uses your referral link, they'll get $10 off their first purchase, and you'll get $10 to spend on ReVased flowers, too!

How it Works

1) Once you make a ReVased purchase, you will receive a personal Referral Link via email. Find your Referral Link HERE!

2) Share your Referral Link with friends to give them $10 off their first ReVased order!

3) After your friend uses your Referral Link to make a purchase with ReVased, you get rewarded! You will receive a $10 credit to spend on ReVased flowers.

4) Do it all over again! You will receive a $10 Referral Credit for every friend that you refer. Refer 3 friends = $30. Refer 10 friends = $100! Etc. etc.

Find Your Referral Link Here!

Important Notes

1) Referred customer must be a new customer who has never previously made a ReVased purchase.

2) You may not refer yourself under a new email address. We already know and love you!

3) After you successfully refer a friend to ReVased, you will be sent a Referral Credit Code via email that you may apply to any upcoming or new charge. If you have an existing, active recurring subscription, you may log into your customer portal to apply the Referral Credit Code to your next recurring charge for that subscription. You may also use the Referral Credit Code to purchase a new subscription or one-time purchase. You cannot apply the Referral Credit Code to an existing one-time order or pre-paid gift subscription.

4) You may only apply one Referral Credit per charge. For instance, if you refer 3 friends, you will receive three $10 credits. You may use each $10 credit on separate charges.

5) Referral Credits cannot be combined with other discount codes.

6) While we hope you will share your Referral Code with your friends, you may not publicly post your Referral Code on any coupon or discount sites.

7) From time to time, ReVased may offer special promotions where you can receive additional promo credit for your referrals. These special promotions will be made and granted at the sole discretion of ReVased, LLC.

8) ReVased, LLC reserves the right to change these rules and/or revoke, disable, or delete your Referral Code at any time and for any reason.

9) All rules are subject to ReVased, LLC's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Start sharing, start saving, and help us bloom!

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Why ReVased?

Eco-Friendly Flowers

We partner with farms who use sustainable growing methods to source flowers for you. Our flowers are shipped farm-direct, a process that reduces carbon emissions by bypassing an often long shipping process, reduces the total number of stems cut, and supports farmers.

Conveniently Delivered

We ship to the entire continental United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)! Your flowers will ship directly from the farm to your doorstep!

Our Give-Back Mission

Flowers plant joy. Studies have proven the health benefits that flowers can bring, so we’ve taken a fresh approach to paying it forward. We donate flowers to different non-profits each month, including senior centers, women’s shelters, and hospitals!

We love seeing how your ReVased flowers bring you joy!

We love hearing about it, too...